• Zaw Oo

How is Nimbus Capital and our Patreon different from others?

1) We are very risk focused. We are very upfront and transparent on our Stop Loss for every trade setups.

2) All of our Open and Profit trades are transparent and we provide before/after via tradingview. No hindsights analysis, go up liao then make noise.

3) We don't just announce profits. We announce ALL our losing trades with transparent stop loss.

4) Closed trade data and setup is available to public.

5) Our system is set in stone! There is barely any human emotion involved! The only issue is whether or not you have the discipline to stick to the system

6) Our scanner has been refined and improved over many years and our trade setups are a proof of its effectiveness. It has been field tested!

7) Our Setups return an average of 15-20% return on a price increase. We do not scalp with big lot sizing and show off the profits.

8) Our setup works efficiently on daily time frame. Your trades will still be near optimal even if you could only enter trades at market open or close. Great for folks with 9-5 jobs

9) Our system is consistent regardless of market behavior. If market is bull, scanner will give tons of good counters! If market is bad, scanner stop giving you counters!

10) We are continuously working to make trading easier for retailer! 11) Most importantly, we are also traders and we trade our own setups! :P

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