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How we got $38k return on Propnex through a systematic approach!

Propnex first came out on our Nimbus Scanner on 13 Aug 2020.

The chart seems bad, still sideways. We didn’t take it.

Propnex continues to appear on our Scanner from Aug to Sep.

The chart seems improving. Propnex is on our radar. But we still didn’t take the trade as it is still below the resistance at 0.61

Propnex appear yet again on our scanner on 13Oct20. This time, it has broken out of the resistance, and we took the first trade.

We even share this trade Live on our Patreon.

From then onwards, Propnex have repeatedly shown up in our scanners, and each time, we ensure that we took the trade.... on 02 Dec 2020

16 Apr 21 Trading View Link Here

25 May 21 Trading View Link Here

01 Jul 21 Trading View Link Here

In fact, we got this latest position right before the rally!

Watch our Ahead of the Curve Video Series on Propnex here!

Our Propnex return in 2021

And then from 2020

In total, we have close to a $38k return on Propnex. This is not luck. This is a systematic approach. We did not catch the absolute bottom. Neither are we trying to predict the top. Neither did we predicted Propnex would perform this tremendously. We are taking the trades as it goes up. And this approach is how you should be taking your trades. Our account capital is 100k. But can you employ a similar strategy with an account that is low capital, for example, 15k?

Definitely! Below is a live account for Propnex Trade from 2 of Nimbus Capital's Clients! Both of them have a trading capital approximately $15k

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