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LUCKY DRAW!! $200 Grab voucher to be won! Did you get our Propnex/APAC trade?

Another Lucky Draw Event for Nimbus Capital! This is for Patreon Subscribers who manage to get Propnex/APAC Trades! Eligibility 1) Patreon Subscriber OR

Course Trainee

2) Made a Propnex/APAC trade because of our Trade Ideas

If you met the criteria, here's what you have to do to win the Lucky Draw

Here's what you have to do 1) Like our Business page on Facebook. The link is here.

2) Go to this Post and like the post. The link is here

3) In the post comment section, please post a screenshot of your Propnex/APAC trade. They can be open or closed. The account has to be a Live account. You do not need to post your private details on our FB. We will do a private authentication should you be selected as a winner. 4) Your trade must be opened BEFORE 15 Jul 21 I.e Prior to this lucky draw announcement. We do not want any punters making 100 share trades just for this lucky draw.

5) No fake Facebook accounts. We will check. On 31st July (Saturday), we will be holding a Live Lucky Draw at 1030pm (After our usual Saturday Webinar). 3 Lucky folks who shared your trades will get to win $200 Grab Vouchers!

We will be doing a Live Draw on 31st July.

Lucky Draw is random as long as you post your trades. The amount of profit you made has no bearings on your winning chances. All traders are welcome! Disclaimers: Winners will be asked to privately show proof of authentication on the trade screenshot they have posted. Failure to provide authentication will result in forfeiting the Lucky Draw prize. Nimbus Capital also reserves the right to make changes to Lucky Draw rules as we see fits or deny winnings if participants are uncoperative or are trying to game the system.

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