• Zaw Oo

Nimbus Capital Trade management and Trailing Profit System

Nimbus Capital employs a very comprehensive trade management and TP system to ensure maximum profit while keeping risk to a minimum.

For been too long, Traders need to manage their open position with very outdated unintuitive platform that requires a lot of manual entries. In 4Q2021, Nimbus Capital will be publishing a cloud-based portfolio Manager with

1) In-built Nimbus TP strategy that will prompt TP levels and lot sizing

2) Lot sizing and risk management system to ensure you are not over trading

3) Track your trade strategy success rate.

4) Trade analytics base on your past trade to predict your future probable risk

5) In-built Nimbus stock screener that will be available to you 24/7

6) The portfolio will be connected Nimbus Trade Setups. A quick button will allow you to add "Nimbus Trade Setup" trade into your portfolio and its specifically tuned to your capital and risk.

7) Your portfolio performance can be compared against Nimbus's very own portfolio for comparison. Nimbus Portfolio takes the same trades as shared in Trade Setups (Patreon)

Of course this will be a paid system. Price and payment system is still TBD. All trainees who have came for the Nimbus Trading course will receive this system for free. You may sign up to receive more frequent update about this project timeline!

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