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Portfolio Update September 2021; "Retracement? What Retracement?!"

Portfolio performance

The recent retracement in Singapore Market in August caused our ROI to drop from 41% to 36%. As we usher into September, our portfolio is back to a 40% return for the year. This recovery was lead by Frencken, Propnex, Grand Venture, Paypal, and Nvidia. Open Positions

Trade updates for the previous month

For August, we took profit on AMD and Target

bought more Frencken and Propnex (open trade setups are for Patreon subscribers only. Only close trade will have links to tradingview)

took profit on Grand Venture

exit our trailing profit on Del Monte Pac at break-even

cut our loss on Union Gas as it hit Stop Loss.

bought Nvidia

took a loss Johnson Electric Holding By cutting off underperforming counters, we can deploy our cash to the better-performing ones. This allows us to recover our portfolio back to pre-retracement ROI despite our high exposure to Singapore Market. Nimbus Capital Trade Statistic

Our trading system boasts a high winning rate of 70% and a high normalized expectancy value. All you have to do is to follow our trade plan and proper risk management.

Our trades in Hong Kong Market have been deliberately kept to low numbers (15.6%). This prevents us from taking unnecessary losing trades and protects our capital. We are aware that the HK market has not been performing well since the end of February.

We will continue to avoid the Hong Kong market until we see a higher low. We will be making a monthly update on our portfolio at the start of every month.

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