• Zaw Oo

The Stigma of "Singapore Market = Nothing to Trade" is bad.

These are some of the companies from the Singapore Market that we have traded in 2021 which have risen close to 100% or more. Samuderra, 96%

Grand Venture, 148%

Frencken, 115%

TheHourGlass, 100%

Propex (200%! 300% if we count our entry from 2020)

APAC, 92%

Union Gas, 130%. Despite the latest drop, we were able to get in 4 trades from 0.550

iFast, 150%

Fortress Mineral, peaked at 140% after which we no longer have any additional trade

Southern Alliance, 138%

We have a total of 55 closed trade on Singapore Counter of which 41 are profit positions ( 75% winning rate). Out of these 41 profit rates, 16 of them are on the counters that we have mentioned!

That is to say, we have a reliable system to help us catch these big fishes if they show up! In fact, if there are ANY counters in the Singapore market that went up 100% (not counting super pennies), you can be assured that we will catch it.

Singapore Market is trash if you are looking in the trash bin (STI constituent and big caps).

No Doubt Hong Kong and the US Market have much better volatility, but what good is volatility when you don't have a consistent result with them?

It's great to win 100% in GME through "tips" from WallStreetBets. But what good is that when you gave back everything or even more to SPAC, Workhorse, or Blackberry with wrong entry timing?

What good is a volatile market if your account is red at the end? What good is the foreign market if you can't take these extreme trades with consistency? Trading is a lifelong journey. It is not a lottery in which you quit after winning big. This is not to say we do not trade the foreign market, but we have to do so systematically. Our trading system still has a 70.1% hit rate on the US market (33 wins over 41 trades), and each position is on average 20% return un-leveraged. It is just that, we are not going to deliberately give up the Singapore Market due to some misguided rationale.

Our stance is that new traders should not be entering the market with a close mindset. If there is a piece of pie for you to bite, why leave it there? Why give up a market segment that you can trade within your time zone, especially when Hong Kong is now on the decline. Open your mind folks. Don't be this guy but still have a red account.

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